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Childhood is calling… December 2, 2007

Filed under: Cooking,Holidays,Nostalgic Homemaking,Vintage Recipes — LotusMama @ 3:48 pm

Ok, that’s a trademark phrase, so Kellogg’s lawyers: don’t sue me. I’m making a batch of Rice Krispie Treats today. Puffed rice, marshmallow and butter somehow transforms when it is all together into a really delicious treat. As with all wonderful things, Rice Krispies had their start in the 1920s – 1928 to be precise. But the treats didn’t come on the scene until the early 1940s.

The whole “snap, crackle, pop” thing has been around along time but when I found this list of translated slogans at wikipedia, I had to giggle:
Canadian French: “Cric! Crac! Croc!”
Spanish: “Pim! Pum! Pam!”
German: “Knisper! Knasper! Knusper!”
Swedish: “Piff! Paff! Puff!”
Finnish: “Riks! Raks! Poks!”
Dutch: Pif! Paf! Pof!

I have a hard time imagining the French eating Rice Krispies, but maybe they like a batch of ooey-gooey treats just as well as the next kid. The recipe for these little yummies is right on the box, so I won’t even post it here. I’m fixing up a double batch, turning on Dean Martin Christmas songs and pulling my fake tree out of its box. Childhood is calling.


5 Responses to “Childhood is calling…”

  1. Seattle Coffee Girl Says:

    Tried to comment yesterday, but Blogger was being a booger and wouldn’t let me. Now Bear is being a booger, he’s kicking my keyboard as I attempt to type. AACK.

    I LOVE RICE KRISPY TREATS, and I hope you had fun putting up your fake tree!

  2. Auld Hat Says:

    Those kooky Joymans! HAHA!

  3. Melinda Zook Says:

    Yum…love these. Now I am in the mood to run down and start making; darn it though I don’t have any rice krispies, only marshellows!!! Maybe I can try it with my raisin bran to hold me over : )

  4. Professor Says:

    Oh so yummy! Send some here- for some reason mine are ALWAYS as hard as a rock!

  5. Buck Says:

    Are you ready for this? I’ve never had a Rice Krispie treat. My mom wasn’t into making desserts or treats at all.
    I hear they’re good.

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