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Testing, testing, 123 December 3, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — LotusMama @ 6:59 pm

I just downloaded Windows Live Writer and I am testing this out here. My anti-Windows husband recommended I give it a whirl, so that alone made it worthy of downloading. It lets me write my blogposts in my blog’s format, so things look as they will look in the blog. I’m hoping it has other bells and whistles that make it worthwhile, but since it was free, meh.

Anywho, Elvis has left the building…


3 Responses to “Testing, testing, 123”

  1. Seattle Coffee Girl Says:

    Cool for you, new bells and whistles!

    Hope you’re staying high-and-dry today with all the rain and flooding…

  2. Says:

    Pretty neat!!

  3. Sling Says:

    Well it looks just splendid to me!..
    Sorta like it did before.Only, know,..the same.
    Now I must be off to go find Windows Writer!. 🙂

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