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Who killed the electric car? December 17, 2007

Filed under: Random Thoughts — LotusMama @ 3:51 pm

Ok, I gotta give a quick shoutout to the film “Who killed the electric car”. If you haven’t seen it, rent it quick. It sounds boring as hell but trust me it isn’t. I’m mourning the loss of the EV1 even as we speak.


2 Responses to “Who killed the electric car?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This movie is so relevant to the environmental crises of our times- I can’t believe the shape we’re in, 11 YEARS LATER, after the car first appeared in 1996. D*mn the people who protect the oil-guzzling status quo in favor of beautiful alternatives like the EV1

  2. patrick Says:

    Watched “Who Killed the Electric Car” recently, great documentary, yay for progress!

    I noticed some similarities between the oil industry and the tobacco industry: They both exploit people’s addictions (nicotine in tobacco, the convenience of gas). Also, both industries have stifled better alternatives (not smoking is healthier than smoking, not using gas pollutes less). People have successfully resisted tobacco companies…

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