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Back to life, back to reality… December 27, 2007

Filed under: Cleaning — LotusMama @ 4:30 pm

Well, the holiday hoopla is over and I’m sitting in my living room, surrounded by the debris of merriment. Scraps of wrapping paper, candy cane plastic wraps, foil from miniture chocolates left by Santa in the stockings. And that’s not even talking about dismantling the tree, taking down the garland…and so on and so on and so on.

Whew. I’m tired thinking about it. As it turns out, my family has a (convenient) tradition that states the tree cannot be removed before New Year’s Day or it is Bad Luck (with a capital B and L). So I don’t have to deal with the tree just yet.

This week is about cleaning up my house, since I neglected many chores these last few craft-filled weeks. This week is also about getting back my cleaning mojo and keeping to the Schedule (Monday is wash day…etc.). It’s like exercise, I know it is good for me, I know it really works, but for some reason lately, I’ve avoided it like the plague.

So January will find me back on schedule, back at the gym, and working on my book. Yeah, yeah, I know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but don’t burst my bubble just yet.

I’m off to research knitting pirates. Yes, the seafaring kind. I’ve heard a crazy rumor that there was much knitting on those boats, so I’m gonna find out if it is true. I should be vacuuming something but….


2 Responses to “Back to life, back to reality…”

  1. rosemary Says:

    Don’t worry about vacuuming….I’ve done it every day so I caught up for you and probably a few other folks. Thank you for visiting…is it OK to add you to my blog roll? I promise I don’t use too many bad words, won’t show cat butts or the spots where my beautiful Sophie potties when she is mad at everyone. Using the registers, huh. Pretty clever if I do say so.

  2. Auld Hat Says:

    My oh my but you’ve done some fancy redecorat’n haven’t you?! Looks lovely. Also, I am eager to hear more about those knitter n’er do wells.

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