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Happy Friday – oh, are those nachos? January 4, 2008

Filed under: Cooking — LotusMama @ 8:19 pm

Happy Friday to you all. Today is more of a lavender color, rather than blue. But the color I have in mind today is green – guacamole green, to be precise. I heart guacamole, big time. I like it in all versions; chunky, smooth, with tomatoes, without onions, spicy or subtle. Mash up some avocado, add a few spices, and I’m happy.

With hopes of guacamole in my mind, I’ll share a recipe for guacamole salad written by my fav, Ina Garten. Getting the ingredients from the grocery store just might convince me to abandon my shut-in status and grab my coat.

Where I live, avocados are never in season, so I’ll have to break my “buy it local” credo, but good guacamole is sooooooo worth it.


2 Responses to “Happy Friday – oh, are those nachos?”

  1. Sling Says:

    Avocados are the food of the gods!..
    Anything that stems from them is therefore,ambrosia.
    Nothing like a perfectly softened California avocado the size of your fist to make you say “Hell Yes!”

  2. Buck Says:

    I just saw Nigella Lawson make “Rocamole” – – Mashed avacados with rocquefort cheese (and scallions and lime juice).

    I don’t know. . . sounds a bit “much” to me.

    I once tried to be creative by making “guacabouli”: Tabouli with chunks of avacodo and cilantro instead of parsley. . . .
    Hint: Don’t do that.

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