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We made an offer… January 19, 2008

Filed under: Random Thoughts — LotusMama @ 9:52 pm

Well, we found the house of our dreams, a mere week or so after looking in earnest. It is a bit far out, but the price is right. Now we wait to see if the offer has been accepted. Several other bidders have done so as well, so we aren’t the only ones trying to snap this up. Please cross fingers, toes or whatever else for us. We need all the good luck we can get!! I’ll let you know when we know – probably not until next Thursday.

Boy, waiting is hard….


4 Responses to “We made an offer…”

  1. rosemary Says:

    All digits crossed and thinking really happy thoughts.

  2. Sling Says:

    Fingers crossed here kimberly.Good luck!

  3. paris parfait Says:

    Oh how exciting! Hoping and praying it goes through…

  4. Professor Says:

    Consider them crossed!

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