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Tick Tock… January 23, 2008

Filed under: Cleaning,Community,Random Thoughts — LotusMama @ 4:16 pm

We’re waiting, still, for word on the house. In the meanwhile, we’re starting preparation to move and realizing that we have too much junk. I’m going to aggressively freecycle anything we can because I don’t want to move this stuff. Old computer parts, old game components (hubby is a gamer), old books from my myriad interests, heavy stuff that takes up tons of space and isn’t worthy of being schlepped around one more time.

So this week begins the big toss out/freecycle effort. It’s amazing how much junk we accumulate in our homes, even if we’ve only been there a few years (4 years for us). Despite the lack of storage in this place, we’ve managed to squirrel away loads of stuff that has to be sorted and packed or tossed/given away.

Even if we don’t get the house (which of course, we WILL), this massive clean out is long over due. The beauty of moving is that we’ll get a clean slate, a chance to do things right from the beginning. An organized space from the ground up. I wonder how many people move just because they are sick of dealing with their current house? That’s not why we are moving, but it sure is a nice fringe benefit to have a chance to start fresh and organized.

Oh, and I’m going to be Ms. Polly Sunshine in the new neighborhood, taking the first step by meeting neighbors and being neighborly. I screwed it up with the current neighbors so I’m going to do it right this time. Mayberry here I come!


7 Responses to “Tick Tock…”

  1. Heather Says:

    I was about to say that I couldn’t figure out how you could have screwed it up because you are so nice and personable but then I realized we’d never met and then of course I started wishing I could meet you in person… Trust me it went on and on.

    🙂 Heather

    P.S. I know you’ll get the house – NO QUESTION!

  2. Deborah Says:

    I have been trying to clean out things lately, too, even though I’m not moving!! I’ve decided that I just hold onto things way too long. I have boxes in the garage that I haven’t looked in in years, so I finally started going through them and donating most everything. Good luck with the purging and good luck with the house!!

  3. rosemary Says:

    Good plan. Get rid of the stuff now rather than later. When we moved for the second to the last time, my pack rat husband moved the recycle stuff…newspapers, glass and cans. The simple thing to do would be to recycle them, but no he moved them because he didn’t have “enough” to make it worth the drive to the recycling center.

  4. Professor Says:

    Good luck with the house- and with your cleaning- out with the and in with the new!!!!

  5. Seattle Coffee Girl Says:

    Keeping fingers crossed for the house…

  6. Auld Hat Says:

    Dragging stuff to the curb and a quick post to Craigslist and your junkity junk problem is as good as gone. Trust.
    Also, I ADORE Mayberry neighbors. I’ve only ever had one. But she made me oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and nobody does that anymore.

  7. more cowbell Says:

    I hope spring sends me into a frenzy of motivated spring cleaning — usually that happens, but the past couple of years, not so much. My house is so teenytiny, i really need to pull a Tasmanian Devil cleaning spree on it this year. Good luck on the cleaning — it does feel good, doesn’t it?

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