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Friday Fiver – Five things I’m into this minute February 15, 2008

Filed under: Random Thoughts — LotusMama @ 8:57 pm

For no reason, other than it is Friday and “why not”, here is a self-indulgent list of five things that are at the top of my hit parade right this very moment:

1) Lost: Not the current season of the TV show, but season 1. Yes, I’m one of the seven people left on the planet that hasn’t been watching Lost since the beginning. Hubby and I just started watching it and all I can say is Polar Bears? At the equator? What’s up with that? Oh and Charlie is adorable.

2) Cherry chocolate milkshakes: Yeah, not the healthiest addiction, but Jack in the Box cherry chocolate milkshakes are really really good. Get one before they are gone.

3) Tea: This is kinda not accurate because I’m into tea all the time, not just right now, but tea is on my mind. Specifically Matcha green tea. I can’t decide if I love it or not, since I had it in a blend with pomegranate, but I’m into the color it makes when added to frosting – gorgeous green.

4) Journaling: This too has been a long running interest, but I am currently working on a journal for all my housemaking adventures. Now I have a place to record things that work and things that were utter failures – besides this blog of course.

5) Chinese cooking: I’ve already blogged about Kylie Kwong and my interest in learning to cook chinese style dishes, but it is at the top of my interest list at the moment, so here it is. I’m really interested in learning to make dim sum. I’m into all kinds of “small foods” like petit fours, tea sandwiches, cupcakes, cocktail foods. Something cool about food that you can fit on a napkin and eat standing up. Oh and let’s not forget anything “on a stick”. Food just tastes better off a stick.

There you have my Friday fiver. Have a great weekend everyone.


One Response to “Friday Fiver – Five things I’m into this minute”

  1. Speck Says:

    Hi! (waves hand) I’m one of those seven who has never, ever seen a single episode of Lost. I thought it was a goofy reality show like Survivor. Bleh.

    Cherry chocolate milkshakes…yummmm. Death by chocolate.

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