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Betty Crocker’s Building Block Cake February 20, 2008

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Photo from Betty Crocker
This was way too cute to pass up. I’m going to translate this to cupcakes with mini marshmallows but wouldn’t this make an adorable birthday cake for someone? Get the info here.

Sorry Speck – I know I said I’d blog less about sweets, but come on – how cute is this!


6 Responses to “Betty Crocker’s Building Block Cake”

  1. Speck Says:

    Tee Hee! Rosemary is the one with the dessert fetish. I’m the beef girl.

    The Lego cake *is* adorable. Someone had a vivid imagination. I saw a choo-choo train birthday cake that had an engine and three little cars, all separate cakes of different flavors. I thought that was a wonderful idea to cater to differing tastes at a big party. The cars had Tootsie rolls, Twizzlers, and jelly beans on top to look like a load of logs or rocks.

  2. Kimberly Ann Says:

    Oh I’m such a loser – imagine getting my blog buddies mixed up! Does it make it any better that I haven’t had caffeine in 32 hours? I just put on the kettle for some black tea – I obviously need it!

  3. Auld Hat Says:


  4. rosemary Says:

    Yep, thanks a lot Kimberly Ann…I’m gonna have to make a coffee cake. Maybe I can make a cute little round mound of brown sugar on the top and sprinkle some cinnamon on it…and of course I will have to eat the whole thing before Steve gets home. I do use the lo fat Bisquick…help a tiny bit doesn’t it?

  5. Doralong Says:

    That really is just too damn cute..

  6. Professor Says:

    Okay I’m making that for my monthly class birthday party next month!

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