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Into the West with chocolate Guinness cupcakes March 15, 2008

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There were so many great Irish-themed movies to consider for this post. The Quiet Man, The Secret or Roan Inish, Waking Ned Devine, Circle of Friends, Widow’s Peak. So many great films, but I chose a film that I’m not sure received much attention when it came out. Into the West came out in 1992 (not the 2005 Western with the same name). The film stars Gabriel Byrne as a Traveler (Ireland’s term for gypsies) with two young sons. Papa has turned from the Traveler life since his wife died and things aren’t going so well for the boys. All that changes when the children find a horse, a horse they believe is magical. Off they go on the horse’s back as it leads them into the west. Papa has to join up with his traveler family and friends to follow the boys on their adventure, facing his fears and his history. I won’t spoil the end for you, but you’ll either think it is a bit sappy or lovely, depending upon your mood. I personally find the film charming and I love the two little boys. There is some great scenery of Ireland as well and you get to hear Ellen Barkin trying out an Irish brogue.

If the Guinness bread and Irish Stew weren’t enough for you, here is a recipe that sounds delicious. Chocolate cupcakes made with Guinness, topped with chocolate ganache and finished with Bailey’s buttercream. The recipe can be found at The Cupcakery. It’s always nice to discovery a new blog about cupcakes. Go check it out!


5 Responses to “Into the West with chocolate Guinness cupcakes”

  1. Nora Leah Sherman Says:

    All your Irish-themed posts are making me wonderfully nostalgic for Dublin, a city I once called home and still feel very closely connected to. Thanks for stopping by my blog — I love yours! We clearly have very similar sensibilities. So much so that I’m adding you to my blog roll!

  2. Kimberly Ann Says:

    Welcome, Nora! I’ve been enjoying your blog as well. What a wonderful idea – to journey through the history of American cooking. For those who haven’t checked out Nora’s blog, it’s in my Blog Roll – Great American Cooking Project.

  3. rosemary Says:

    We visited Ireland in 1999…so beautiful that words can’t describe it….Dingle was my favorite place. Kimberly Ann, I don’t know how long I have been reading your blog but I do know I have made and eaten 3 coffee cakes by myself, bought 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and eaten the bulk of them, become addicted to Cheetos, been drinking my coffee mixture in the afternoon and yesterday I bought a bottle of whiskey, a brisket and some rolls that say they are “an authentic Irish recipe”……ummhum.

  4. Kimberly Ann Says:

    Rosemary, sorry to hear that I’ve had a negative impact on your dining habits, but hey, what’s a little sugar among friends? Pass me some coffee cake, girlfriend.

  5. The Cupcakery Says:

    Thanks for sharing my blog! You can never have enough Irish. St Patrick’s Day! xoxo

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