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Snow on the cherry blossoms March 28, 2008

Filed under: Cooking — LotusMama @ 8:04 pm

Yep, it is snowing here. Go figure. Wonderful warm weather one day and giant wet snowflakes the next. Quite contradictory, Ms. Nature. Mother or not, you’ve got your seasons mixed up, I fear. Oh well. Until the old gal gets herself straightened out, enjoy some Fire and Ice Relish. A bit of a blast from the past, as is this icy weather in my neck of the woods.


3 Responses to “Snow on the cherry blossoms”

  1. Tara Gowland Says:

    Hey Kimberly Ann – I saw your blog addy on EtsyRain Meetup group and stopped by to say hello – actually I am in Kent as well! Anyway, yes, very messed up to have snow on cherry blossoms LOL!


  2. Malone! Says:

    Mother Nature is on vacation from Northern California also. Warm and shorts- one day, and back to socks and jackets the next! Hey, what about that Global Warming? (LOL)

  3. Heather Says:

    this relish sounds wonderful! have you tried this recipe before?

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