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Random Recipe Monday – Rootbeer Cookies May 26, 2008

Filed under: Baking,Holidays — LotusMama @ 6:28 pm

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. Sure, today is the kickoff to BBQ season, but it is also about remembering those who have sacrificed for our country. And nothing says “thank you” like rootbeer cookies, right? Well, maybe not, but rootbeer says summer and good old-fashioned fun; heck, can potato salad and sack races be far behind the creamy goodness of a mug of rootbeer? Maybe only lemonade says summer to more people than rootbeer, so these cookies sound like a great way to add a little summery flavor at your next cookout.

To all those who have served, sacrificed and supported our country, from 1776 on, thank you. It is because of you that we can celebrate with our families, making cookies and sharing good times.


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