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Random Recipe Monday – Darkness on the Delta June 16, 2008

Filed under: Cooking — LotusMama @ 6:00 pm

I have no idea how to classify this dessert, other than by calling it a somewhat frozen, very chocolatey and incredibly easy cake wedge. Most things can be categorized – pie, pudding, cake, what have you. This one has me stumped. Hubby thought maybe frozen fudge, but that doesn’t seem right. You’ll have to be the judge. All I know is it comes from a wonderful cookbook by Martha Hall Foose, titled Screen Doors and Sweet Tea, Recipes and Tales from a Southern Cook , and it was easy to make with things I had on hand. It made a nice treat for Father’s Day and one piece was definitely rich enough.

The best way to check out “Darkness on the Delta” is to get the book, which I think you’ll be pleased with. But, barring that, it is also available online in Delta Magazine. Fudgy, cool, bittersweet – yep, that’s good enough for me on a summer evening.


3 Responses to “Random Recipe Monday – Darkness on the Delta”

  1. Carina Says:

    Thanks for the recipe link; it sounds yummy!!!

    Have you made anything else from that cookbook? It is on my wish list! 🙂

  2. Kimberly Ann Says:

    Carina, I also made the “inside out sweet potatoes” which were really tasty (if extremely high calorie). Unfortunately, I made the error of trying to substitute canned sweet potatoes to save time. Don’t try it. The mixture ends up too mushy. I highly recommend this book, for good stories and tons of recipes. The Red Velvet cake (without food coloring) is up next for me.

  3. Carina Says:


    Let me know how the Red Velvet turns out. I have been making that cake for years (It’s a Christmas tradition.), but always feel slightly guilty about that 1 oz bottle of red dye I’m throwing in the batter!

    Also, congrats on finally getting a new home! I was so envious when I read that you are going to have a sewing/craft room all to yourself–lucky girl!!! 🙂

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