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Show and Tell: Latest Crochet October 15, 2008

Filed under: Crafting — LotusMama @ 2:29 pm

I’ve been in full on crochet mode lately. I had put down the hook for much of the summer (too hot to hold wool) and I was focused on other things. But the cold weather has brought back the urge to hook and I’ve been working on some things – some old, some new. Some of my current WIP (works in progress, for the non-crafter) are related to Christmas, so I won’t be showing them, but if I stick to my schedule, I should be done in plenty of time for the holidays.

I’m hoping to have my hook available for some new projects in November; I’m a member of a Jane Austen Book Club for knitters, spinners and crocheters. Our first book, Sense and Sensibility, begins in November and we get extra points for prize drawings if we complete Austen-style pieces during the reading. I’m hoping to make a spencer – you know, one of those cropped jacket thingies that show up in the Austen movies. I’ve found a good candidate but I’m not sure I have the oomph to take on something that complicated. We’ll see.

Anyhook, back to the show and tell. Here are some things I’ve been working on lately.

This is a scarf done in the Bruges style – a type of lace done in Brussels. The yarn is made of Bamboo.

Bev's Kitten Pattern

I’m working on a blanket for Project Linus. This is a kitten pattern.

Gingerbread House

A gingerbread house for Christmas. I need to add a few more gum drops to finish it off.

For those who knit, crochet, spin or do just about anything else with yarn, I highly recommend joining This beta site is free and lets you track your projects, find great groups and forums, and access tons of patterns.


One Response to “Show and Tell: Latest Crochet”

  1. rosemary Says:

    hello….no talent rosemary here. My mother was a wonder with crocheting, knitting, tatting, sewing, painting….any thing she touched was beautiful. You must have the same gene. She tried to teach me….I failed. i can stencil tho……

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