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Everybody needs a hero…. November 13, 2008

Filed under: Writings — LotusMama @ 11:05 pm

We all have people we admire, right? Sometimes for big things (Barack Obama) or smaller things (that nice lady who let you cut into line with just those two items). And sometimes, well…there’s admiration that goes a tad beyond. I’m not talking stalking or channeling Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs – nothing too nutball, you understand. But I admire just a tad beyond a wonderful blogger named Alicia Paulson. Alicia’s blog, Posie Gets Cozy, has a zillion fans so I am just one in the crowd, but I really enjoy her point of view, her wonderful craft projects, her beautiful photography, and her way of making each moment seem special. I mostly lurk on her blog, but I visit often and I daydream about being able to sew like Alicia, take photos like Alicia and generally be like the Oh-So-Talented Ms. Paulson.

You can imagine my captured heart’s delight when I saw months ago that she had her first book coming out in November (see my link in the widget below – it’s been there since preordering). With much delight last night, I opened my copy of Stitched in Time, delivered from Amazon. You know how some things just take you away? Like good books, favorite movies or even a long soak in the tub? Well, reading through Alicia’s book was a little mental holiday and I enjoyed every minute of it. It’s packed with gorgeous photos, adorable projects and just the kind of domestic bliss that I crave. I’ve even completed one of the projects for a Christmas gift and I’m working on another.

She’ll be in town in December for a book signing and I plan to go. I’ve never had (or wanted) a book signed before but I really would like her to sign this one. Yes, I know it is a bit weird to be so interested in a total stranger, but that is the great thing about blogging – you get to know people just by reading their posts and looking into their lives.

So Alicia, if you stumble upon this post, thanks for having such a great perspective and a fresh look at homemaking. Best wishes with the book.


One Response to “Everybody needs a hero….”

  1. Miss Healthypants Says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to discover writers that just make you feel good and “cozy”? *smiles*

    I feel that way about Maria (one of my blog links)…her posts also have a way of making each moment seem special…and she also makes me THINK a lot. Perhaps she’ll write a book someday, too, and I’ll be like, “I knew her back when”… *smiles*

    Or maybe I’ll write a book someday!–or maybe you will! Wouldn’t it be wonderful?? 🙂 🙂

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