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Ripples of acrylic danced in their heads… December 16, 2008

Filed under: Crafting — LotusMama @ 7:56 pm

It must be the lingering snow, but I have afghans on my mind. Cuddling up on the couch with a good book, wrapped up in row after row of stitches is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. It seems even better when it is frosty outside.

As someone who crochets, I don’t generally tackle them as a project;  they take a lot of time and I’m more of a quick fix kind of crafter. Luckily, I’ve been given some lovely afghans from my Grandma T. I have made an exception to my practice though and started a chevron/ripple blanket for my nephew. Because it takes so long to do (and it is kind of repetitive), the blanket has been sidelined for awhile for other projects. But finishing this up tops my Crafty Resolutions for 2009. Here is the start of it:

People who don’t craft are often puzzled by the time, expense and energy it takes to make something when something similar (or better) can be purchased from the store. I know I felt this way before I took up embroidery needles, crochet hooks or seam rippers. Why bother to make a skirt when you can buy something already finished, ready to go and for less money? I was always puzzled by that until I tried making things for myself and I realized how much satisfaction comes from finishing it with your own hands. Sure, the skirt might be a bit baggy or the seams not perfect; the crocheted scarf might be just a simple rectangle, nothing fancy; the embroidery stitches on the pillowcase might not be uniform – but they are your stitches, your flaws, your effort in every bit of it. Seeing a project through from concept to completition is so satisfying. I’m not sure that recipients of handmade wonders always feel the same about the projects as we the crafters but I hope that the time and love that went into making the doll, the hat, the sampler or the afghan comes through.

So cuddling up on the sofa in my Grandma’s afghan really is different than tossing on a fleece throw. Sure, a cashmere pashmina would be much softer than acrylic, but would it feel the same? I hope my nephew enjoys wrapping up in his blanket, now and down the road.


One Response to “Ripples of acrylic danced in their heads…”

  1. rosemary Says:

    I still have an afghan that my mom made for me in the most beautiful shades of blue….and an orange pop corn one, and all of my kids have one too. i made one afghan, one only. I crocheted it for my ex-mother-in-law. It was probably 70 feet long and 19 inches wide.

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