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It’s raining Messieurs, hallelujah, it’s raining Messieurs, hey hey hey January 7, 2009

Filed under: Cooking — LotusMama @ 4:19 pm

Ok, it isn’t actually raining men but it sure could be. Holy hyperbole, it is a soggy day in my neck of the Pacific Northwest. And no, that isn’t complaining – not after my tirade about the snow. But it is wet, no mistake on that front. The kind of rain that when you are driving on the freeway you can’t see because of all the kicked up mist and the sloshing on the windshield. Yeah, bad kind of rain. Personally, I love being out in a fine mist, when it isn’t too cold and the rain just kind of dusts over you, but a torrent I can do without.

There is likely to be flooding – it happens frequently after big rain and certainly after all the snow water. I hope people can stay dry or at least get somewhere warm until the water recedes. I have all my extra fingers crossed for you fine folks near flood prone rivers.

But here on the hilltop, we’re watching the rain roll by and getting read for Croque Monsieur for dinner – well, really Messieurs since everyone gets one. Ah, I bet you were wondering what the heck the post title referenced, weren’t you? Well, now you know.

A close cousin to the Monte Cristo sandwich, Croque Monsieur is a ooey, gooey, hammy, cheesy sandwich – kind of like grilled cheese meets french toast, but with some ham in the mix. As a food trivia aside, the Monte Cristo sandwich may have made it’s first appearance at the Monte Cristo Hotel in Everett, Washington in the 1920s – talk about close to home coincidence. Well, maybe not close to home but we’re in the same state, so that counts for something.

Anyham, we’re having some Messieurs for dinner while we listen to the rain bluster and blow.  I love to eat mine with powdered sugar and raspberry jelly on the side, but you can go straight up if you like. Ina Garten’s recipe calls for Gruyere, which would be lovely, but tonight we’re doing good old Tillamook cheddar.

Stay warm and dry everyone.


2 Responses to “It’s raining Messieurs, hallelujah, it’s raining Messieurs, hey hey hey”

  1. MHP :) Says:

    Croque Monsieur sounds YUM-MY! 🙂

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