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Paul Blart and Sloppy Joes February 2, 2009

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You might find this hard to believe but I’ve never made a sloppy joe. The name is what turns me off. It’s so..sloppy. Plus, whenever those Manwich commercials come on, I always think “Gee, that doesn’t look good” so sloppy joes have never made it into my repertoire.

Until tonight that is and it is thanks to Paul Blart, mall cop. For anyone who saw this film (and I’m with you in your suffering) you know that Paul Blart thinks his sadness would be cured by some sloppy joes and sweet potato fries for lunch. I’ll agree with him on the sweet potato fries, but sloppy joes? I chalked that comment up to Paul’s too frequent consumption of mall food.

Not so, says hubby. He loves sloppy joes. In fact, he made a point of saying that he’d be happy to have some anytime I wanted to make them. Alrighty then….I guess sloppy joes are now on the menu but I don’t have a clue how to make them. Perhaps this list of different recipes for sloppy joes will give me some help. I really can’t go with the Manwich stuff – honest. The name alone makes me shiver.

Any advice from fans of sloppy joes?


2 Responses to “Paul Blart and Sloppy Joes”

  1. MHP :) Says:

    Hey, I like Manwich! I really do! That’s so “healthypants” of me, huh? *grin*

  2. rosemary Says:

    When i was a single mother…..a long time actually…sloppy joe’s and hamburger helper were our salvation…..that and corn dogs and dinner at my mom’s.

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