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When life hands you cable, make french pot roast January 30, 2009

Filed under: Cooking,Global Homemaking — LotusMama @ 1:39 pm

I’m trapped home today, all thanks to the cable guy/gal. It’s a long story, best saved for some snowy night in front of the fire, but suffice to say that our long-awaited high speed internet will be installed today – between noon and four o’clock. 

Or so I believe. Which means I’m stuck home today. I could have gotten up early and done the few errands I have hanging on me but morning are generally reserved for “school time” for NR and heck, I just didn’t have the oomph in me today anyway. So we’re putting off the pharmacy and the library until tomorrow.

The good news about being at home with no plans to leave is that I can finally try out a time-intensive recipe that I’ve been wanting to eat – French style pot roast. Considering this very old dish used to take up to three days to make, I won’t balk at the four hours or so it is going to take today. Most of the that time is hands-off time – roasting in the oven – so I can get some crochet done while I watch “Amelie” (and finally know why so many people love this French film).  Wow, you’d think I planned all this Gallic fun in advance but it is just a coincidence. Quel Surprise!

The red wine is reducing on the stove and the garlic cloves are all pressed. I can tell you that the house smells delicious and if I only had a fresh baguette to munch on, I’d be a happy camper (or whatever that translates to in French) right now. But I’ll get by with my ham sandwich until dinnertime.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.