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Give a little bit of your love to me…. February 11, 2009

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Gorgeous, aren’t these? Normally, Valentine’s Day decorations can look like cupid threw up all over the place but there is something about this collage that I found on Flickr that I really like.

For those of you who may have forgotten, V Day is Saturday, February 14 (yep, right after Friday the 13th this year, bwhahahaha…).

I love Valentine’s Day and I hate it. I love it when family and friends express how much they care for each other, genuinely sharing that love with homemade valentines, simple tokens and plain old hugs & kisses.

I hate it for sateen boxer shorts with would-be witty sayings silkscreened across the rear, plastic flocked roses, corpulent cherubs piercing anything that moves, and “naughty” nightgowns. That’s not my idea of sharing love. Bleh.

This year, NR made our Valentine’s tokens and our little cards. Nothing fancy, nothing showy and nothing involving sateen or cherubs. I think our family will like them.

We’re also going to be showing our love by making a donation with MissionFish (via eBay) to a non-profit of NR’s choosing. We’re going to sit down, go through the list of charities and choose a group that means something to him. Our donation won’t be a large one (I wish we could do more) but it’s a small token of care and a way for him to see that love doesn’t have to be just for those close to us.

I’ll close this post with my favorite band, The Goo Goo Dolls. I can’t think of a better Valentine’s Day song than this. Happy V Day, everybody!