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Impromptu Travels – Poulsbo January 4, 2009

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Yesterday was a great day. It’s been a really long time since we got out of the house and just went for a drive, a spur-of-the-moment mini vacation with no fixed itinerary, only a vague plan. It’s nice when those kind of trips work out and yesterday we took advantage of the clear(ish) skies and made a trip to the Nordic-themed town of Poulsbo. (You can’t see it, but that is “King Olaf V” street below):

poulsbocroppoulsbocrop3We stopped off at Sluv’s Bakery, where we found some lefse for my dad and some great cookies for us. I loved the “frownie” cookie:

img_00761Some more goodies from the shop and their great door handle:

img_0064img_00651We went next door to a charming Nordic shop and checked out their great holiday display and shelf full of matryoshka dolls:

img_0067img_0069A quick stop for a slice of pizza and we headed back to the car, on to Bainbridge Island and our main destination, Churchmouse Yarns & Tea. I’ve been wanting to check out this place for awhile. Walking into the beautiful shop, I was completely overwhelmed by the choices. So many gorgeous yarns – cashmere, mohair, silk, hand-painted, hand-spun, every color and size imaginable. There was also a lovely section of the shop that housed teas and teapots from England, Japanese teas, and other sweet delights.

It was too much. I didn’t know what to choose. I went without a specific project in mind so I was frantically trying to remember what I needed for which project but in the end, I chose beautiful lace weight baby alpaca yarn in black. I have a lace scarf that I have in mind to work on shortly.

Finished with Churchmouse, we decided to catch the ferry to Seattle, rather than drive back around the way we had come earlier. We were just in time for the next crossing so we headed off. Cold as it was on deck, it was worth it for a view of Seattle that we don’t often get.