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The restorative power of lycra and lysol December 28, 2008

Filed under: Cleaning,Random Thoughts,Ups and Downs — LotusMama @ 4:46 pm

Call it post-Christmas blues, call it seasonal affect disorder, or call it (as my family does) my typical mood, but I woke up in the dumps today. The day started, innocently enough, with a desire for waffles. I had made a little exchange of a too-tight sweater for a waffle iron (yeah, don’t go there) yesterday, so I was eager to break it out and bring forth a pile of crispy waffles. Uh, not so much. They were soggy, they were chewy, they were an unappealing shade of eggy yellow – but they weren’t good belgium waffles. Totally my fault – I absolve the new waffle iron of any culpability in this debacle – but it started the morning off to a sour start.

My house, during the frenzy of Christmas, has become a tad disheveled, shall we say, and I attribute part of my glum mood to the noticable dust and crumbs. I thought a bit of extra effort was in order today, at least in one room, because I really want to start 2009 off with good housekeeping mojo. I decided to tackle the kitchen.

There is cleaning the kitchen and then there is cleaning the kitchen. Short of pulling the oven out to sweep for bits of stuff and swamping out the veggie crisper (that day of reckoning is coming), I did the real deal today. I rearranged small appliances, cleaned out the toaster, conquered the greasy film that attaches itself to bottles near the stovetop, and generally had my way with my kitchen cleanser and paper towels.

Seventy percent into the job, I realized I felt better. I wasn’t 100% jolly, but I wasn’t Elmo in Grouchland either. I finished the job and surveyed the wonder. Yes, the coffeemaker was better over there, no I don’t need the turkey roaster to be that conveniently placed, yes those glass canisters really can be repurposed in the craft room. The kitchen breathed easier and so did I.  Suitably inspired, it was time to get dressed and face the day.

Oh yeah, I had forgotten. During my visit to the store to get the waffle iron, I had splurged and bought new undies. Wow, talk about a red letter day! Nothing shines up a mood like a pair of new undies. If that sounds crazy to you, just get yourself to a store and check out a pair of new knickers. You might not be able to splurge on gems, roadsters, spa treatments or manolos, but if you can get a new pair of panties, things start looking up. I have not had the same experience with socks, but hey maybe if they are cashmere or something.

Anypair, I’m making walnut candies in my shiny kitchen and feeling pretty good about the effort. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “put on your big girl panties and just do it” doesn’t it.