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A little Friday Fun – My current obsessions January 23, 2009

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Anybody who knows me knows I tend to be a bit…obsessive. I was a magpie in some former life; anything shiny catches my attention and I get all excited about it. Sometime these obsessions, or fancies as I prefer to call them, last for a long time but often they tend to drift away in the wake of something newer and shinier.

I’ve tried being a bit more focused and less flighty but heck, you can’t change a zebra’s stripes, right? (To mix the animal metaphors.)

Anyzoo, right now I have two fancies going strong. One I already mentioned the other day – my long running fascination with Anne Boleyn (this one has been going since I was a teenager). I recently decided to pair up my Anne obsession with my long running desire to make a quilt. I created a collage of Anne portraits, icons, symbols, yadda yadda yadda and uploaded it to Spoonflower, that wonderful create-your-own-fabric website. A short bit later, I had one yard of lovely fabric ready for my quilt.

My Grandma T had generously given me some vintage fabric, one stack of which really had the right colors and Tudor feel about it. I’ve set to work making a quilt top out of this fabric, with some odds and ends I’ve added and will be adding a little bling bling (ooh, shiny) to for good measure. I hope to unveil the quilt top next week, with the hope that it will be all finished in a couple of weeks. Then I can wrap up in my very first quilt featuring my favorite Queen and continue working my way through a rather dry biography.

I mentioned a second “fancy” and that is Guitar Hero World Tour. Seems a far cry from Lady Anne doesn’t it? Well, that’s Ms. Magpie for you. I love this game for the PlayStation. I can’t manage the guitar part of the game very well but I’m loving the drum kit and the microphone. Nothing quite as fun as rocking out to the Eagles in your living room, pounding on the drums like Don Henley. I know, shiny. But very shiny and very fun, so what the heck.

And finally, in the spirit of a little Friday Fun and a salute to obsessionists everywhere (is that a word), here is one of my favorite groups doing a favorite song which will probably not be on Guitar Hero World Tour (but should be because I could handle the drum line).