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When I say tofu, you say delicious…Tofu – January 8, 2009

Filed under: Cooking — LotusMama @ 1:17 pm

Did I miss hearing the Delicious part of that chant? Ok, I know there are many many many people who love tofu, who eat it all the time and who wax poetic about bean curds. That has never been me. I can honestly say that the very few times I’ve tried tofu I have not liked it. A couple of those times were my own feeble attempts and once was in a restaurant – I think I had my mind made up to hate it before I tried it so that one doesn’t count either.

So, what’s the beef? Errr, what’s the bean? Well, the bean is that like most of us, I’m trying to start the new year off on a better foot, so to speak. I’m trying to up the fruits and veggies that we eat (and no, the raspberry jam I’ve been inhaling the last few days on french toast doesn’t count). My little family has two very picky eaters who really don’t like things that are 1) new, 2) green, 3)healthy, or 4) not pizza. That makes adding good stuff to the menu difficult.

But I have a promise from Picky Eater No 1 that he will try to give tofu another chance (Picky No 2 hasn’t had it before, so I have been raving it up as the best thing ever). The trick is finding a recipe that uses tofu to its advantage. Since tofu is fairly bland, I thought finding something with a sauce that has zip would be a good. Our experiment tonight is Tofu with Peanut-Ginger Sauce. Peanut sauce is usually an ok flavor enhancer with the Picky Eaters and this recipe even works some spinach into the mix – talk about getting a double whammy of veggie goodness. Yeah, it has peanut butter, but heck, one hurdle at a time. Besides, I’m convinced the tofu, spinach and mushrooms cancel out any issues with the peanuts. I’ll let you know how the recipe goes tonight. I really hope that it works well for us all because we can use the break from beef. (It won’t be a long break because tomorrow is Corned Beef and Spuds for dinner – Mmmmm)

If you have any favorite tofu recipes, please pass them on. I’m on a mission to add this bean curd to our menu.