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Baked Bacon and other Sunday morning wonders December 21, 2008

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Bacon isn’t something I usually have in the house. I have to be thinking about it when I go grocery shopping, or see a well crafted display of maple flavored bacon at the end of an aisle that inspires me. Anypig, I happened to have a pack of extra thick bacon in the fridge today and I decided to waver from my usual breakfast of a) nothing, b) frozen waffles, c) corn flakes. Into the oven went the baking sheet, layered with slabs of bacon. Baking bacon? Oh yeah, that is my favorite way to make it. It crisps up evenly, doesn’t get all burned and keeps my stovetop clean. A quickie how-to for baking, for those interested.

So the bacon is a-baking, the coffee is a-perking, and the snow is a-piling. I have cabin fever, big time. Which, considering I was able to get out of my house yesterday and visit my family (thanks to hubby’s steady as steel nerves behind the wheel), doesn’t make sense. But I am itching to get out today. Itching to get to Borders to use my 40% off coupon that expires today. Itching to pick up the books I have on hold at the library. Itching to get a salted caramel hot chocolate and pick up the ham for Christmas dinner. But I won’t get to do any of those things because the snow is just too heavy.

Best to tend to the homefires today. On the agenda is some organization in my craft room, which given all my various Christmas projects, is in some sad shape. After Christmas, we are swapping my craft room space for the office space, so we have tons of boxes, desks, computers, yarn and books to move up and down one floor. A mini move, but it beats the real deal. It will be nice to have more space for the computers (present craft room is waaaay bigger than the current office) and to have my craft supplies closer to my living space upstairs.

Sundays make me hungry for comfort food, so we’re making chicken stew for dinner (and by “we” I mean hubby has been drafted into it). If you haven’t tried Ina Garten’s recipe it just might change your life. Really, it is that good. Especially when someone else makes it.

Tonight after NR goes to bed, the last of the Christmas wrapping will be done and Santa Mama can relax with either some episodes of 24 (thank you, Netflix) or one of the two novels I have going at the moment. Maybe both. These snow-bound days are hard work; kept indoors makes me tackle long standing projects and chores.

Here’s hoping for a non-white Christmas. I’ll take my soggy Seattle days where I can still get around or stay indoors out of choice, not because of climate. Ok, this is official my last whining blog post. No, really.